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Producer License

1) A producer is a grower of marijuana. A marijuana producer license allows the licensee to

produce marijuana (grow it) for sale at wholesale to marijuana processor licensees and to other

marijuana producer licensees. An entity (persons or principals within the entity) are limited to 3

producer license

2) Growing the marijuana can be either indoor our outdoor or both.

• If indoor: Marijuana production must take place within a fully enclosed secure indoor

facility or greenhouse with rigid walls, a roof, and doors.

• If outdoor: Marijuana production may take place in non-rigid greenhouses, other

structures, or an expanse of open or cleared ground fully enclosed by a physical barrier.

To obscure public view of the premises, outdoor production must be enclosed by a sight

obscure wall or fence at least eight feet high. Outdoor producers must meet other specific

security requirements.

3) The application fee for a marijuana producer license is $250.00. The applicant is also

responsible for paying a fingerprinting fee. Annual fee is $1000.00.


Producer Tiers

The maximum amount of space for marijuana production is limited to two million square

feet. Applicants must designate on their operating plan the size category of the production

premises and the amount of actual square footage in their premises that will be designated as

plant canopy. There are three categories as follows:

(a) Tier 1 – Less than two thousand square feet;

(b) Tier 2 – Two thousand square feet to ten thousand square feet; and

(c) Tier 3 – Ten thousand square feet to thirty thousand square feet.

(1) The board may reduce a licensee's or applicant's square footage designated to plant

canopy for the following reasons:

(a) If the amount of square feet of production of all licensees exceeds the maximum of two

million square feet the board will reduce the allowed square footage by the same percentage.

(b) If fifty percent production space used for plant canopy in the licensee's operating plan is

not met by the end of the first year of operation the board may reduce the tier of licensure.

(2) If the total amount of square feet of marijuana production exceeds two million square

feet, the board reserves the right to reduce all licensee's production by the same percentage or

reduce licensee production by one or more tiers by the same percentage.

(3) The maximum allowed amount of marijuana on a producer's premises at any time is as


(a) Outdoor or greenhouse grows – One and one-quarter of a year's harvest; or

(b) Indoor grows – Six months of their annual harvest.